LolitaWardrobe 2017 Halloween Lolita Tights and Socks Giveaway (expired)

LolitaWardrobe 2017 Halloween Lolita Tights and Socks Giveaway (expired)

◆ Giveaway Rules >>>

1. For each order over 160USD (including shipping fee), you can get a pair of tights or socks FOR FREE!

2. Tights and socks are NOT randomly selected!!! You can specify which tights you want by leaving us a note when placing your order >>> LolitaWardrobe Tights and Socks Collection

3. How to leave us a note? (Important NOTE: if you didn't leave us a note, we will also giveaway a pair of tights to you :) We will try our best to make the free tights match your ordered outfits ^^ )

◆ Giveaway Deadline

The giveaway will be closed on October 15, 2017!

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