LolitaWardrobe Buyer Show - Del Phine


♥Coords Breaking Down♥

1. JSK: Infanta Time Machine Steampunk Style Lolita Corset JSK

2. Bag: Vintage College Lolita Clock Round Bag

3. Headdress:  Infanta Steampunk Style Lolita Headbow with Gears Pendant Chains

4. Tights: Infanta Steampunk Gears Printed Lolita Tights

The blouse, necklace, shoes and other accessories were not bought from us 

♥Del Phine's Social media♥


Her review (she sent her lovely photo to us via Facebook):

Thank you very much, you are really great. At the moment, I think the customs hates me ^^. But even if they still demand me expenses, it will not prevent me from ordering again with you.