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  • BySabrina
  • Jun 23, 2020
Great Dress! Shipping was fast! I loved the dress and everything! The only thing is that the button holes are a little tight but I think they'll loosen up with time. Also you can snip the corners a little but be careful. Overall I'm happy with my purchase! It's a lovely dress! Just a little hard to button up! I would buy it in more colors if they had my size available 9/10.

  • ByAnne Reinhiller
  • Ordinary Customer
  • May 30, 2020
This is a beautiful and very comfortable dress! I got the pea green colour way with matching headband. There are so many details on this dress that work together to give a classic elegant feel! It is a heavier dress so it will be perfect for the fall and spring weather. I have a hoop petticoat that stands up well underneath it. If you use regular petticoats, you may want a fluffier one to keep some poof under the weight of the dress. My only warning is that the buttons fit snuggly through the button holes so it may take a few extra minutes to button up the dress. This will become easier over time the more it is worn or if you have a button hook. Overall, it's an absolutely beautiful dress to add to your wardrobe!

  • ByGrace Baker
  • Ordinary Customer
  • Oct 08, 2019
I absolutely love this dress! I ordered it in wine red, and when it arrived about 3-4 weeks later, it absolutely did not disappoint. Before it arrived, I was really worried that I'd spent too much a gamble as this was my first order from this website, but I definitely got more than my money's worth: - The color matches what is shown in the pictures, the material is very high quality, the seams are sturdy, and the buttons are securely attached. - It's super comfortable so I can wear it casually, on formal occasions, to church, or even for a gothic doll-like aesthetic (which I plan to play up this Halloween)--this is probably the most versatile clothing item I've ever owned. -There are only two very minor reasons I rank "ease of use" 4 stars instead of 5 stars: 1) Without a helper on hand, it takes me a fair amount of neck-craning and skirt-flipping to make sure that the skirt isn't caught on the hoop skirt; however, that may partly be due to the design of the hoopskirt I used (link at the bottom of this review). However, once the dress is straightened, there's no issue--it sat perfectly even after 6 hours of running errands around town and climbing in and out of vehicles, and only needed re-straightened twice in all that time. 2) The only other difficulty I had was with attaching the included ribbon and flower; the pins on them are so small, that they're very difficult for me to attach while wearing the dress without pricking my fingers. However, I think that is partly due to my own clumsiness and lack of experience with accessories like this, and they are well made--so I can't complain too much. Here is a photo taken in the only mirror where I could get a picture of the full length (I apologize for the poor lighting and ugly background, but I think it gives an accurate depiction of the fit, shape, and length). My bust and waist are 87cm and 67cm respectively, and the dress is a medium. For detail's sake, here is the hoopskirt that I wore with it (which supported the dress well): In short, there's no question in my mind that this dress deserves a 5/5 star rating, and I plan to buy a second color with my next paycheck!

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