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  • ByKatelynn Watts
  • Ordinary Customer
  • Jul 09, 2019
This underskirt is even more beautiful in person and I couldn't see it well in the photos but the glitter on it is actually little stars! Everything is sewn perfectly, and the length is perfect on me and I'm 175cm tall; the stars poke out the bottom exactly as I wanted them to, and if I wore the underskirt lower on my waist I could show the white part too! The skirt isn't seethrough, so you could wear it as just a regular casual skirt and it looks lovely with or without a petticoat! The first time trying it on was uncomfortable, but I am at the max measurements in the waist and my waist is smaller than my hips so I have to wrestle to get it on over my head rather than pull it over my hips since there's more squishyness there lol. However, after getting the skirt on and wearing it for five minutes, when I wore it a second time all day it was perfectly comfortable so if it doesn't fit too well the first time you try it on give it a second shot! :)

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