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  • ByAdora Bittersweet
  • Ordinary Customer
  • Jul 02, 2021
The fabric on this dress is light and comfortable. The waist sits a bit higher than my natural waistline, on the ribs, but the measurements given reflect this and it fits comfortably. It isn't so high I would call it an empire waistline either. Since the material is so light, you can also wear it with a slightly shorter petticoat as it will still hang correctly. This makes it a perfect dress for summer and hot weather. A small aside; the buttons are very cute but are spaced apart as shown in the image. If you are a C-cup or bigger, while it will still fit you, it may gap a bit. The scarf hides this, but be warned if you plan to wear it without that. I plan to add a small hidden snap to keep the gap closed for myself as I'm used to this happening when it comes to items with buttons.

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