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  • ByAllu Luk
  • Ordinary Customer
  • Nov 05, 2021
I bought the pants and the skirt, and i am in love with them!! I want to come back and get the haori and possibly the blouse, but the fabric is absolutely beautiful. it's printed nicely and it's very soft and comfortable. shipping was very fast too, although d(evil)hl made me pay import tax </3 not really this site's fault though.

  • ByAxiom Edmonds
  • Ordinary Customer
  • Aug 31, 2021
I bought the blouse and while the tie can be a little weird to place it looks nice and is very comfy! I also got the trousers which are so breezy and they even have deep pockets! This makes them more practical and I can wear them even in non-lolita outfits. The embroidery is nice, while not as fine as ChiXia's, it does not look patchy and with steam, the pulling in the fabric leaves. I recommend washing and steaming or ironing it on arrival as it shows up wrinkly and has a slight plastic manufactured smell. It does take a long time to be made as listed but shipping itself was very fast with DHL. Angela is super helpful and reached out to ask about shipping and confirming the shipment address.

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